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The institutional approach has evolved from the understanding that deprivation and marginalisation diminish the potential and dignity of children. At the same time, communities and their children can overcome constraints. Collectively, a conducive environment can be built wherein children can transcend the limitations of their specific contexts and become empowered individuals. This belief became the starting point for a continuous process of discussion, action and reflection. The institutional approach crystallised in the form of a set of key principles. These principles have become the fundamental aspects of any intervention/programme undertaken.

  • Education processes must understand, appreciate and respond to each child’s need and context
  • Education should be holistic and integrated; balancing academics, aesthetic, physical and vocational education aspects
  • Education should help the child grow and move from one stage of development to another
  • Schools are community institutions
  • Families, communities and schools must be seen as interlinked sites of learning
  • Teachers are at the heart of the education process and they can be change agents in the communities
  • Positive change is possible through the convergence of efforts of all stakeholders–government and non government
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