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Get Involved

You can be a partner in the process of effecting change. Join us.

Bodh provides volunteering opportunities for people with varied interests and skills. You could work directly with children, especially in domains like the arts. You could support programme teams and get involved in any specific aspect that interests you. You could also contribute to organisational efforts in documentation (print/video/web), research and Management of Information Systems (MIS) if you are so inclined.

We look forward to your ideas and suggestions.


Be an Advocate
You can act for deprived children in your own way. You can interact with the children and their communities and understand their issues and concerns. More importantly, you can encourage your children and those from varying backgrounds to play and learn together.

You can visit schools and see how you can contribute in improving them. You can encourage discussions in your family, neighbourhood and work place on issues like equitable and quality education for deprived children and child rights. You can create or join groups that work on children’s issues. You can lead initiatives within your organisation that enables employees to contribute in any way (time, skills and money).

Speak to your elected representatives, government authorities and others. Highlight the concerns and issues of the deprived communities and their children. Committed individuals can help transform individual efforts into a collective movement for change.
Tell a Friend

If you feel that your family members, friends and colleagues would also like to get involved,Let us Know  . We will contact them.

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