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Institutional Growth Development

From a small beginning in the late 1980s, Bodh has grown in to a strong and vibrant institution. This growth has been possible because of various factors – the support of local communities and programme partners, a natural extension of activities across multiple domains and of course, the dedication and skills of the personnel.

Currently, Bodh’s internal structure comprises of four broad sections – Urban Programmes, Rural Programmes, Central Research and Resource Centre (CRRC) and the Administrative and Finance wing. Each of these sections functions in its own domain. However, they are also closely interlinked.

The rural and urban programme teams comprise teachers, co-ordinators (at various levels), fellows and academic support personnel. The CRRC includes multiple components and centres. Its team members mainly act as resource and academic support personnel for internal programmes as well as for external agencies/initiatives. The administrative and finance team involves personnel working on finance, logistics, store management, managing offices, transport and other aspects of administration.

All key decisions are taken at the level of the core group – a collective comprising of senior representatives of all the sections and the secretary, Bodh Shikha Samiti. Bodh also has an Executive Committee which meets periodically to review and reflect on organisational and other related issues. It provides valuable guidelines and direction to all efforts.

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