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Teacher Development

Teacher training/professional development constitutes a key area of work at Bodh. The teacher is seen a critical agent who facilitates children’s learning, mobilises communities and also engages in analysing and enhancing his/her work. Bodh’s teacher development efforts are aimed at facilitating such awareness and action for its own teachers and also for other likeminded organisations. It seeks to incorporate training based inputs along with supportive mechanisms that provide a conducive environment for the teachers’ professional growth.

Teacher Development Framework
Bodh has evolved a comprehensive teacher development framework. Of course, this is modified based on specific requirements and contexts. Broadly, the key aspects covered are:
  • Community participation (understanding community contexts, processes of participation,       facilitation required for concretising community participation in effective school management)  
  • Holistic understanding of education
    • Educational philosophy and psychology (understanding underlying philosophical aspects           understanding  psychological aspects of development, education and the processes of learning)
    • Subject areas (understanding pedagogical principles, teaching learning processes including       materials that can be used, interrelations between subjects, continuing relevance in life)
    • Special focus on Arts (importance of arts in holistic development, building conducive           environment, further nuances)
  • Conducive school environment (translating values such as democracy, secularism, participation,        group cohesion, self-discipline and non discrimination into practice)
  • Enhancing self reflection (analysing classroom experiences and also community engagement,  facilitating discussion among peers, exploring pedagogical aspects, utilising tools such as  experience diaries)
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